Tender Hearts Family Child Care          (203) 630-9203
                            Licensed, Experienced, & Educated
Full week/Full day care is currently:
$225 per week for children under 2 yrs.
$200 per week for children 2-3 yrs.
$175 per week for children 4-5 yrs.

Part week/Full day care is currently:
$50 per day, 3-4 day min
(upon availability) All ages.
*fixed schedule*

Half day care is currently:
$35 per day -AM or PM, 4.5 hr. max
(upon availability
) Age 2+
*fixed schedule*

Before and After school care is currently:  $5 per half hour.

10-20% sibling discount for 2nd/3rd child.


Customary hours are 7am - 4:45pm Monday through Friday.

9 hour limit per day.

Hours prior to 7am will be considered on an individual basis. Please ask.
Holiday closings follow standard calendar year.

Including a full week closing between Christmas and New Year's, and a full week during the summer.

Open for school breaks and snow days

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