Tender Hearts Family Child Care          (203) 630-9203
                            Licensed, Experienced, & Educated
The schedule is just a general outline and it varies, though the routine always remains the same. 

Infants under 10-11 months are exempt from the schedule.

Care & Schedule 

    Care Provided

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack provided for children 10-12 months and up (cups provided).

Jarred foods and cereals provided (10 months and under).

Nap supplies provided (crib, cot, blanket, sheet).

Art/sensory and fine motor activities provided.

Potty training.

     Daily Schedule

7:00   Parent Drop-off begins
  7:30   Breakfast
  8:15   Free Play
  9:15   Fine Motor/Art Activities
10:00   Gross Motor/Outdoor Play
11:15   Lunch
11:45   Clean up/Wind down
12:15   Naptime 
  2:45   Wake up
  3:15   Snack time
  3:45   Gross Motor/Outdoor Play
4:30   Closed 
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