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Tender Hearts Family Child Care is a home day care located in Meriden, CT, moments away from Rte. 15, Rte. 91, Rte. 691, Rte. 68, and Rte. 66.  Tender Hearts FCC is owned and operated by CT licensed child care provider, Stephanie Shay.

The main living areas of her one-story home is open to the children, as well as, a playroom just for them. A room that often turns into a restaurant, or a campsite, or a house, depending on the children's dramatic play choice for the day. Outside there is a large fenced play yard with ample riding toys, climbers and slides, and plenty of space for running.

Tender Hearts is part home, part day care. Merging the relaxed and comfortable nature of a home, with the structure and routine of a center. Allowing your child to become part of a multi-aged multi-abled family-like group, whereby encouraging patience and teamwork, and fostering bonds. 

The children always enjoy having new friends to play with, to grow with, and to learn from. We are sure you and your child will be comfortable here.

Please call for more info, and to plan a visit. 203- 630- 9203


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